Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exciting times

Let me start out by saying that this is all in the very beginning stages. Things probably will change. But I'm too excited by the possibility to not blog about it. Not everything I blog about has to be fact, right? Hopeful possibilities have earned a place here too. 

Another mom at school is a realtor. She asked me a few days ago if we were still thinking of moving to Boulder. I told her yes, but that our timeline was Spring of 2010, and that was if everything went as planned. After chatting some, she convinced me to stop the guesswork and just see where we stand right now. She gave me the number of a mortgage broker (a temple member, Mitch Freidman). I gave him the numbers he wanted and he worked out what we can afford. The truth is that it looks much better than we thought. He is going to email his numbers to Marcia and me tomorrow. I'll present them to Paul (my parents always told me that whenever I was serious about something, I'd present them with documents. Usually in the form of pieces of paper thrown into the living room accompanied by the sound of running footsteps. But I digress...)

Yes we can wait. But if the possibility exists that we can move before Sam starts Kindergarten, I'll put the money we'd save on K-care into a new mortgage. And there are quite a few houses in the area of Horizons that are in our price range, according to Mitch's numbers. I am very excited.

I also really love this house. But walking to school trumps it all in my book. There is a bike path that Paul could take to work, if he wanted. Walk to the store, walk to the library, bike to the Farmer's Market. 

As of tomorrow morning, we are in an official "money freeze." Just in case. *fingers crossed*

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patricia said...


It all sounds wonderful, if it can be made to work. Of course, this is "the best of times and the worst of times" to play around with major chunks of money. I can't pretend to advise you on that.

I always loved that you could walk to school. I can't begin to tell you how much I hated my smelly old school bus!

Good luck!!