Sunday, November 16, 2008


This morning, at the leisurely hour of 9:30am, I ran the Panicking Poultry 5K at the Rez. It was a beautiful day, 60s and sunny, with no wind. Thanks to some good training runs with Wendy, I was able to run my best 5K yet. According to the combination of the website's final stats (30:43) and Wendy's adjustment since we were in the back and it took us a while to even GET to the starting line (-45 seconds), my run time was 29:58. I have NEVER run a sub 30 5K before, so I am STOKED. Truthfully, I've never run hard before. I run to enjoy the scenery, take in the fresh air, and mentally relax. This was hard. After about a mile and a half, I would have been happy to stop and walk. But I kept going, keeping it steady and giving it every ounce I had at the end (seriously, I felt terrible at the end, but how do you slow down when a cute Ariel is waving at you?) Now, can I top this at the ColderBoulder? Woo hoo! (9:54 pace according to the website, so a touch faster. I've never run a sub 10 min mile that I know of either.)
This race was a benefit for MS and they had a silent auction. I got a great deal on a new pair of running shoes (mine are from the MS Walkabout in '07) and a Sherpani bag I've been coveting, all for way below market value AND for a good cause! I also won some random drawing for a music game that I don't understand. And a really cute bright yellow long sleeved race shirt with the bird saying "Eat Salad Instead!" Love it. 

Yesterday was Abbondanza's Grand Closing. We stocked up on applesauce and beans. Black, kidney, Indian Woman and anasazi. Rock on. My new project is to find many different ways to prepare rice and beans. We should be able to eat for almost free all winter at this rate. 

Last night was also Ninja Nite (they watched Kung Fu Panda, which they LOVED. We caught most of it and it was so cute.) Paul and I had a great talk about moving and we now have a list in place of things to do on the house to get it ready to sell. The major one is to have another structural engineer out. Paul thinks the foundation needs work. Then there is the carpeting...should we replace it all or can it be patched in the bad spots? And finally, repainting the baseboards. Not to mention de-cluttering, but that will be my project. I'm giving us a tentative "ready" date of March. If we can have the house ready by March (and keep our savings plan going too), we would be ready to sell right at peak sale time, Spring. Let's hope! The house we want is crazy and will need a lot of work, but it's 0.2 miles from Horizons, is on a cul-de-sac, and has 4 bedrooms. The finished basement has a wet bar, full bathroom, family room with fireplace and bedroom. I think that would make for a cozy Master Suite. We could stock all the liquor down there and "retire" downstairs for our nightly Star Trek and drinks. We shall see. Hopefully it will still be available. The other homes in our price range are quite small. Let's hope!!!! 

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Wendy said...

You did AWESOME on your race! I might as well not do the Colder Boulder since I won't be able to keep up ;) And I can't wait to be invited over to play some i-touch music party.