Monday, November 17, 2008

chipping away at the to-do list

Today was productive. After a leisurely run with Ole and the normal loads of laundry that I (try to) do every day, I made some headway on the house stuff. I spoke with the structural engineer that our neighbor used and he explained the process to me. So my job tomorrow is to call the warranty people and request they send this person out. This is how the whole shebang (minus deductible) will get covered. 

I also did some quick decluttering of random toys and the bags of clothes I'd culled in the previous months. They were all donated to Savers and I used their 20% coupon to get the boys some (new to them) PJs. I mailed out some more gifts to my parents too. I need to get the holiday cards done but I'm much more ahead than I've ever been. 

Other tasks for the week include looking into the cost of re-carpeting (I mentioned the patching concept to Marcia and she looked horrified.) and checking Home Depot for a replacement basement door. I guess a handyman might be in order for that one. 

Tonight at TKD Ted wore his new dobok. It's too big for him but he'll grow into it. It's much more official with the "Boulder TaeKwonDo" printing on it, and the 'big kid' patch officially sewed on. He was pretty excited about it. He is so well-behaved in class. I hope the novelty takes a long time to wear off. 

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Will Ted make it through the day, or will I have to pick him up from school? Hmm...

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