Saturday, November 8, 2008

kindergarten conflicts

I am so conflicted about this Kindergarten thing. Besides the incredible inconvenience of having 3 separate pickup times, at opposite ends of town (not MY town though, a 10 minute drive just to get INTO town), there is the Sam issue. Now, those of you who know me well know that I am a softie for Sam. He can do very little wrong in my eyes. I'm not quite sure how he wrangled himself so firmly into my heart, especially after the first 17 difficult months of his life, but he did. And there he remains. If there had been no choice, if it was full day K/1 just like Ted, it would have been fine. I would have kissed him goodbye that first day and shed the tears most K moms share in the gym afterwards. But this CHOICE thing is an entirely different matter. Suddenly it's up to me to decide how much time I want to spend with my middle child, the sweet one, the one with an incredibly open and generous spirit. I'd rather he just go til noon and spend the next 3 hours with me. But, since we don't live down the street, it's not a simple matter of picking him up, walking home, having a bite of lunch and perhaps a snuggle on the couch. It's more "in the car, let's get your sister, let's run some errands, let's get Ted, let's go to TKD..." Is that really better? It seems that spending those 3 hours in an Enrichment program would at least be more interesting, not to mention more beneficial. If we lived in Boulder, it would be a non-issue. But since we don't, it's more a matter of convenience than true choice. Oy!!!

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