Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama's book

This morning I downloaded the audiobook The Audacity of Hope by Obama. I started listening to it today while running errands (oh, how I love my iTouch!) I've gotten through the intro and 1st chapter and while it's tedious, his voice and inflection help make it interesting. I haven't listened to an audiobook since the car trips to Iowa from Chicago before the kids were born. I'm really enjoying it! I think when I've finished this one (our bookclub read for December) I'll start on his first book, Dreams From My Father. This one will be interesting because it was written long before he cared what anyone thought of him. 

After flu shots, more bloodwork, and errands this morning, the boys and I walked Ole, played in the park near our house and read lots of books. I also cooked a hodgepodge of delicious things (carmelized turnips and apples (CSA t & a), coleslaw with CSA cabbage, and a new not-meat roast I found today at Vitamin Cottage.) This is Day 1 of Ted not having his probiotics or Vitamin C, in preparation for the (now eagerly anticipated by the boys) poop testing that will take place Tue-Thu. Every day, we have to take a sample, then mail it in. Crazy! Gross! Euw!! Ted is delighted. A nice day. Not TOO much fighting. 

Tomorrow is World Run Day. I have my T-shirt and my 8 mile run planned. I ran Mon & Fri on Teller Farm, about 3.8 miles, according to Wendy. On Wed I ran Bobolink for 2.5 miles. So I think I'll do OK tomorrow. We shall see! It should be fine if it's not too windy. The wind has been nuts lately! Think happy knee thoughts for me tomorrow! 

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