Friday, November 7, 2008


Lots of info going on today. Horizons and Dr. Roy. So, Horizons first. They have decided to go with 58% kindergarten next year. (Why the random %? 58% is what the state funds.) So, Sam will go to school from 8-12 Monday through Thursday. No afternoons or Fridays. We will probably send him to Enrichment but I'm bummed that it's an all or nothing deal. It would be nice to send him a few times a week and let him have short days/time with Mom alone. I'm going back and forth now between ramping up Mae's preschool time and having Sam go the 58%, or keeping Mae only 3 days a week and sending Sam to Enrichment. Another thought I had, to eliminate lots of schlepping the kids around, would be if Paul could pick up Mae. Then I could get her after getting Ted at 3:15. Or Sam will just go full day. I don't know. Luckily we have lots of time to make this decision. 

Ted had his follow up with Dr. Roy today. We are both thrilled with how well he's doing and surprised at how easily he got over the flu (it took him 6 hours rather than the full 24. Go, probiotics!) He still is wanting to discover WHY there is inflammation going on in the nose and lungs so we have another blood panel to do as well as a stool sample (Ted will love this!) While he's not allergic to anything, these tests may show a sensitivity to foods that we can then eliminate. I think it'll show dairy and gluten, which we were told when he was 5 and in OT for sensory issues. It's all interconnected, isn't it? 

Ted was really wired tonight which made us all tired and frustrated. I'm looking forward to a mellow weekend. Let's hope. Flu shots in the morning.

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