Monday, December 29, 2008


We keep our house on the chilly side. (I know that's a terrible pic!). 62 during the day (6am-10pm) and 52 while we're sleeping. While there is a fun challenge to go with it, the Freezer Yer Buns over at CrunchyChicken, we would probably do it anyway. Like under-5 minute showers, composting and recycling, it's just part of what we do anyway. BUT! People have reacted so strongly recently (not Aunt Nancy, btw, she was very supportive!) that I just wanted to point out that 62 is not cold! yes, you need socks on and probably a sweater too, but it's December, people! Plus, our kids are obviously not freezing, so don't call Social Services on us just yet.

We had a wonderful surprise today ... a HUGE box of presents from G'ma and G'pa Kessie! Tons of pics on moeltini. Mmmm!!!!! Thanks, Mom & Dad!

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