Sunday, December 7, 2008

yes, we're alive!

It's been a busy few days. Who thought I'd go to bullets for this one? If I had won a penguin trophy, it'd be yours, because you're right! But I didn't. Win the penguin. 'K?

  • House hunting goes on. Paul refuses to look at a house if it only has 1 bathroom. I refuse to look at townhouses. So far, we only have a few houses we agree on. Which probably won't be still for sale in a few months anyone. Fun evening chit chat though.
  • Our house only needs minor work on one foundation wall. Should be quick and under warranty. Hoping for a "ready to list" date of March 1 now. As long as we're in before K starts, I'll be happy. 
  • Friday I scored this eco lunch pack for Ted at Horizons' Art Fair. I purchased his Laptop Lunchbox for his first year of preschool, in September of 2004. Only now, 4+ years later, has the lid cracked. It's no big deal and it's still usable, but since he goes to school every day, it'll be nice to trade the lunchbox out with this sack 'o coolness. Friday night we went to Red Robin for dinner, after collecting Sam from Jason's. He had gone swimming and fell asleep at the restaurant, transferred to the car and to his bed, and never did eat dinner. We thought he was getting sick but he seemed fine all weekend.
  • Saturday we had our Hanukkah-themed chavurah at the Seigals. It was a blast, as always. The latkes, blintzes and donuts were delicious, as was the mulled hot cider with rum and the acorn squash soup (my contribution). The kids did really well, although we stayed too late as we always do.
  • Sunday Ted was supposed to ski with Josh and Cathy, but he was so tired in the morning we both agreed to wait til he was more rested. He had Sunday School while I ran the Colder Boulder. Results will be up tomorrow but I am fairly certain I ran it in under 30 minutes. I promise I'll figure out my stopwatch for the next race. I simply don't think about it....I think I am the only one in that category. I waited in a short line for a wonderful massage afterwards...ahh. The kids played at HHS for a loooong time in the mild weather, Paul and I snuck naps in, and we put up our Hanukkah decorations. A pleasant weekend all around.
  • Tomorrow Ted has his follow-up with Dr. Fleischer at National Jewish. He's had a cold for a week now, so I'm curious to see if they put him on any "when he's sick" routines. I also have to pick up the music for the Xmas service I'm singing. Then Bookclub at night. We're reading The Audacity of Hope (Obama). I've listened to it, and really enjoyed hearing him speak. I think it might have been a slow read, but it's really good to listen to. 
So that's what's been going on here. Phew. 

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