Friday, December 12, 2008

more bullets?!

What can I say? Paul's been sick and we've had a crazy week! I PROMISE there will be pics soon. 
  • Ted is testing for his Blue Belt on Tuesday. He is also going to start in the Leadership program in January. Notice the nifty striped collar and yellow patch. Kewl.
  • I am testing for my Green Belt. Yikes! I can't make the testing (Xmas reh) so I'll do it in class next week.
  • Paul's been sick again. He's on the mend now but this one was a douzy.
  • The engineer from the warranty company is scheduled to come out on Jan. 14. I am annoyed that we have to wait that long for someone to re-do a report that's already been made, but whatever. If it's all covered, it will be all worth it! 
  • Sam had a fabulous day at preschool today. They prepared latkes and ate them for snack AND played dreidal with real chocolate gelt. And Sam got gimel. So he got tons of gelt. He was talking about it all afternoon. Cutie. 
  • Mae has been more ornery that usual. Hmm. Marilyn comes next Thursday for Mae's first EMDR session. Should be interesting!
  • Our friend Epin received her referral for her baby yesterday! Pax is soooo cute! Hana Hu is very excited to be a big sister. The excitement is so strong for those of us watching them prepare...I remember how incredible the wait til travel is. 
  • We've discovered a meal we'll all eat!! It's fish tacos. The kids eat the fish sticks, shredded cheese and tortillas separately while Paul and I make tacos complete with salsa/soy mayo sauce and cabbage. Truly delicious and easy.  
That's all folks! 

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