Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today was a fantastic day for skiing. The weather was in the high 30's and sunny. I was really hot during my lesson (I started out worse than I ended last week, but really got the hang of the parallel turns this week. I just had to let up on my uphill feels like such a loss of control but it sure feels better!) Ted had a great day. Because of the holiday weekend only 4 of the 6 kids were there today. We found out that Moe, his instructor, is his 1st grade teacher's ex (they are very amicable and we saw a lot of Moe last year when their son Sam was an 8th grader.) So that made the world a little smaller. They did the Challenge (Challenger?) lift today and did 2 very steep runs and the rest long runs all around that side of the mountain. Ted was quite jazzed about it. Moe said they kids were ready for poles. It's not a requirement, but they are ready for them if they want them. So we forked over the dough and got him some cute poles that will extend long enough to last him til high school, at least. And if he's short like his parents, maybe even longer! He is very excited.
Wednesday they go up with school (I'll have him leave the poles til next Sunday's class) and it's hard to imagine that a year ago he had never been on skis.

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