Friday, February 6, 2009

6 days on, 1 off

Wow! I did it! Last Sunday I started the week with the 30Day Shred workout and a nie long brisk walk with Ole. I vowed to work out every day, somehow. Whether it was a hard run and a Level 1 workout, or a fast but short run and a hard workout, I would do something, anything every day. And I did! My body is tired. But it doesn't hurt. My legs are confused and arms feel like jello. But my last 2 runs were stronger than ever (my legs didn't tire during the run) and I'm ready to increase my weights on the video (only for Level 1. I'm not totally insane.) It is nice to wake up ready for the day and look forward to workouts. Granted, the weather has been h-e-a-v-e-n this week and it's been fun to stay home at night and do the videos with Paul. It's been a win-win. Let's hope I can keep this up! I am very curious as to where I'll be when I have completed 30 "official" workouts on the Shred (now that I'm on Level 2, I don't count the Level 1 workouts as official days leading up to the 30.) Tomorrow, Saturday, is my rest day. I may go for an easy run, but most of the day will be spent getting ready for the big JCC Fundraiser, Reflections, and cold-calling volunteers for Horizons' auction coming up in March. Tomorrow is also Ted's last ski day at Trek. He wants to do another 6 weeks, but it's too expensive and it's a pain to lose the whole day to skiing when 3 out of 5 of the family isn't (yet!) involved. I hope to ski a bit with Cathy in the weekends to come and do some green runs with Ted up at the Family Fun Zone. Ted is missing a TKD Tournament tomorrow (I've been playing it cool and I don't think he knows. He will figure it out when the trophies roll in next week ... yikes!) but I'm sure the last day of Trek will be a fun one. 
The pic is from this afternoon. We biked from the trailhead to the park and back. It was epic. It was Mae's first time on a 2-wheeler with training wheels and Sam's 1st time on a 16". They both did just fine. And it was Pajama Day at Horizons. I loved that they were all playing together. 

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patricia said...

Great job!! May you long continue!!

I am having a spring-like birthday - 50+ today and sunny! Our balcony glacier (all 18.5 " of it) is almost completely melted.

Thanks for the Afternoon Tea fixings. Wish you were here to join in!