Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling pumped

There are many reasons to respect Jillian Michaels and her workout regimes. But one of the selling points for me is her strength. Look at those arms! Look at those abs! She is short, solid and not skinny (the girls on her video are practically emaciated, which is so annoying). She is real. If she had jeans and a shirt on, she'd look like any other fit, lean woman. I respect that.
Since we did our first Level 2 workout last night (killer. totally and completely hard) I did Level 1 again tonight as something strength-related to do, but not so hard. I think I'll try and do either Level 1 or a TKD class on off nights. It's helping my mood, for sure. Ole and I ran a short and fast 2 miles this morning. It got up to 72 today! Glorious. Good weather always helps, doesn't it? Let's hope at least the sunshine sticks around. Who said January has to be miserable? Hooray!
We had salmon tonight. I baked it for 30 minutes, with soy creamer and chives (CSA, frozen and waiting for some use). I got the recipe from because it was totally simple. Good too. Next time I want to try a lemony-ier version. 
For our next chicken recipe (*wheeze!* *gasp*) I might try my favorite meal from my childhood. Chutney chicken. Top a chicken breast with chutney and a few raisins, wrap in foil, and bake. Serve with wild rice (try not to let it run around the table though, or it'll be the subject of conversation for years to come) and veggies. I think we always had green beans but I'm on a broccoli and brussels sprouts kick. Wow. I wonder how my gut will react. We'll see! 


DAD said...

You will make Mom proud.
Send us the Salmon receipe.


Anonymous said...

oh, Ellen!!!! Can't wait to hear about the Great Moeller Chicken Caper... : )

Erin H.