Sunday, February 1, 2009

protein & fat

On Friday I met with Ted's nutritionalist. Dr. Roy thinks Ted looks great and is doing fine, but I wanted a 2nd opinion. I saw her a few months ago, and while I tried to implement her suggestions, Ted is very stubborn and very picky. This time, we outlined the essentials. An active 7 year old boy needs 5-7 ounces of protein a day and a lot more fat than what he's getting (not much fat in our diet, except for dessert, which no one in our family likes except Mae and me. Coconut oil, milk and yogurt are going to be used more, since they are higher in fat. Almond flour and almond milk will also be put into our GF pancakes, cookies and breads. The protein quotient is tougher. Ted is probably getting 3-4 ounces of protein a day, on a GOOD day. I am going to push the fish, especially the salmon, which is higher in fat. I did buy some *gasp* chicken. I followed Nathalie's recipe and marinated it in (coconut) yogurt for a few hours, breaded it with Pamela's, and baked it for 20 minutes at 350. They all refused to eat it, so I froze it for future tries. I guess I can't blame them. I've brainwashed them for years about how unnecessary meat is, how easy it is to be vegetarian, and it IS ... IF... you don't have any allergies/intolerances and you are happy to try new foods. Paul and I (and Mae) eat a wide variety of legumes, grains, vegetables and of course, fruit. Ted and Sam are so picky. While they will eat any fruit and any (raw) vegetable, Ted will only eat nuts (no beans) and Sam will only eat nuts butters on bread (no longer an option, until we can get used to GF bread). They aren't eating much protein at all since the gluten, dairy, egg thing. So, the next few weeks will be full of fish and perhaps chicken experiments. Maybe they can become vegetarian again when they are older and less picky. Right now, I will do anything to get them to eat more nutritionally dense foods. Wish me luck! And send me your kid-friendly recipes, please!

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