Wednesday, January 28, 2009

it's just a cold

Ted began barking like a seal late Monday night. Tuesday he seemed fine, but the cough got worse. I kept him home from school today (skiing no less!) to take him in to Dr. Roy. He has a cold with a severe cough. His lungs are clear, he's not wheezing, he doesn't need any nebulizer treatments. He's like a normal kid with a bad cold. This has never happened before. To be able to treat him like a regular kid, not an asthma attack waiting to happen, is very exciting. He is a different kid from 6 months ago. His coloring is good, his lungs are clear and his 'food intolerances' are worked out. We have a plan and it's working well. Finally. It feels great.

Tonight we did our 3rd 30 Day Shred Workout. It's still a killer but not as bad on the legs. I wonder..will we ever make it to Level 3? I think we'll do Level 1 at least 5 times, maybe even 10, before moving on. I think 5. I think two more times and we'll have it down. It helps that I got myself some 3 pound weights. Doing some of the strength training about killed me with the 5 pounders. If you think I'm a wimp, you try this workout! Way harder than it looks. This pic is from Saturday night, when Ted is allowed to stay up later than the others and watch Star Trek with us. We did this first and he did it with us. Too funny.

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