Saturday, January 24, 2009

Big Ski Day

As they say in the vernacular, Ted thinks he is 'the shiz' today. He and Rachel and another boy were the only 3 in their group at ski school today. Moe took them, poles and all, on a bunch of blue runs before lunch, off of the Challenge lift. After lunch, they hit Indian Peaks, the 4-person lift that goes to the Blacks. Oh yeah. They did Hot Dog Alley (after a brief Black run called Psychopath ... yikes), Sundance, and Four 'o Clock. They were totally jazzed and chattered nonstop about how much fun they had. Moe said they "traversed the terrain independantly," whatever that means in ski jargon.
We celebrated my birthday 2 days early tonight, at Wahoo's, where we watched 2 young men snowboard down crazy mountains in Alaska. Ted thought it looked wonderful.

Then we came home and baked a Pamela's Chocolate Cake with Confetti Frosting (no gluten, dairy or eggs). I'll bring a large piece tomorrow for Ted to eat at Alex's party. It was delicious - the best baked treat we've had so far. My only mistake was frosting it too soon. Next time, really let it cool. Really yummy. Hooray! 

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