Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meals for the Week

This was a fun-filled weekend and it's not over yet! Saturday we went to the Science museum to see the new exhibit about weather. Sam LOVED it, especially the little room where you're INSIDE the tornado. And where you can create your own volcano, based on the variables of goo and gas. Very fun. 
Then today I took Ted and Mae, with Alex and Adam, to Sunday school while Wendy went on a bike ride (after she had already done an early morning swim. Triathletes are NUTS I tell you.). After Sunday school she took Ted's 7 year pictures and then took him swimming with her boys. This made for a refreshingly quiet afternoon. It doesn't matter which two children are together; two children are so much quieter than three. Period. 
I went through my freezer stash (on paper this year, so I didn't have to literally fall into the freezer to see what was in there) and have this week's meals at the ready. I'm saving most of the greens (we are very greens-heavy this year) for when the meals run out and I cook rice and beans alot...then we can just pop in some greens and it'll be fantabulous! I hope to post Ted's pics soon ... she took some truly gorgeous ones as always. 
Next week is a big one. It's testing week. Ted is still unsure whether he'll test. He can do it, but he's not sure he can. It could be that he'll end up giving it a shot and seeing how it goes. His party is at TKD on Saturday, so for his sake I hope whatever happens on Friday night is ok with him. 

Here are the meals. What a wonderful lazy week.

Monday: Tofu Mizuna StirFry
Tuesday: late night at TKD, leftovers
Wednesday: leftovers (Paul 6:30 soccer game)
Thursday: Moraccan Lentil Stew
Friday: testing, out for dinner
Saturday: post bday party = leftover GFDF pizza
Sunday: Baked Asian Tofu
Monday: Acorn Squash Soup

To bake: 2 batches of zucchini bread
remaining 6 squash from CSA, puree and freeze
Raisin Bran muffins (batter in freezer from late July ... hmm..)

Besides turning on the rice cooker and remembering to defrost, this should be an easy week! And a yummy one! 

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