Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top teeth are on their way out!

Ted lost a top tooth today (actually, Mr D's son pulled it out for him ... it was dangling and Ted couldn't pull it out himself.) The one next to it will fall out shortly. He is so excited. This is Tooth #5. Sam only had 4 teeth by 12 months while Ted's were all in, even the molars, by 9 months. Owie for Mama. 
Anyway! An exciting day! 

TKD was a bit more serious. Mr. D had a good talk with Ted and explained that, now that he is in the big kid class, he has to know the whole form. He knows about 3/4ths. Mr. D gave him the options: chill out, relax and stay a Blue Belt. No big deal ... it's not a problem, he simply doesn't have the whole form. Or, push hard and learn it all. Ted elected to push hard. (Literally, Mr. D said, "Do you want me to push you really hard?" and Ted said, "Yes. I wrote it on the board. It's my goal to have my Brown Belt by my birthday.") Wow! I didn't realize he even remembered that particular class, back in January, where they made goals for themselves and wrote them on the board, which hangs at the entrance. Alot of this is me; we don't do much TKD at home at all, just whatever he picks up in class. At his level, he really needs to be practicing at home too. Blah. In any case, the next 10 days or so should be interesting. If he pulls through and gets this done, I'll be impressed. And if not, I hope he doesn't take it too hard. 

In GF news, O's GF DF pizza is a hit with Ted, as are Noodles' rice noodles with the Japanese Pan Noodles sauce. We are trying to eat out less, but it's nice to know there are a few places we can go!

OK, top tooth #2, get out already, before Ted drives me (and his teachers) batty twisting it around 24/7! 

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