Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank you, Top Tooth #2

That didn't take long. I am so in love with the cuteness of this, I can hardly stand it. I hope he doesn't learn how to shoot water out of his mouth through the gap. I have a vague recollection of some boys doing that at the girls at recess. Must have been 1st or 2nd grade. Funny. We had ice cream (well, Ted had sorbet in a GF cone) to celebrate this much-looked-forward-to milestone. 

We also saw our new homeopathic MD today and the kids really liked him. He's so friendly and nice, like a teddy bear, but well-groomed. He wants Sam allergy tested. Our only worries about Sam are his constant runny nose and emotional fragility. Both, apparently, could be food-related. He also wants us to double his fish oils, which are known to improve mood. So we'll do that tomorrow, along with the dentist. Fun day! Heh.

I took a lovely run this morning on Ole's Orchard (the hill behind our house). It's usually too muddy this time of year, but it was fine. It felt so good. I love that trail. And now, I'm off to do LEVEL 3 of the 30 Day Shred. Yikes. Sometimes I frighten myself. 


Anonymous said...

Oy! Don't you think you might be overdoing it with the food stuff? I mean, every personality quirk cannot be explained away by a food allergy. Sorry if I sounded negative just now...must have been the whole wheat toast I had for breakfast. I worry that your kids will get unhealthy relationships with food later in life.

Ellen said...

I love Anonymous posters. If you knew our family at all, you would know the wild behaviors we have tamed with diet (no ADHD drugs, for example). I am a firm believer that the SAD (Standard American Diet) is wreaking havoc with our kids emotions. But, thanks for stopping by anyway!

Becca said...

Anonymous posters like that are great. I don't know anything about food allergies affecting behavior but I know food in general can affect behavior. I have a cousin who is constantly on sugar highs and sugar lows and you can see it wreak havoc with her behavior. Or look what caffeine does to people.

I would really love to exercise outdoors more, I am just honestly more motivated to go to the gym. And I HAVE to check out this 30 day shred.

Good luck with all the docs!