Sunday, March 29, 2009

spring sledding

Ah, the last day of spring break. I can honestly say I am sorry to see it go, and I am looking forward to summer, when we can have some more mellow days. The kids just did so well over break. Yes, there were some fights, as always, but in general they played together really well and enjoyed each other. I certainly enjoyed them. Hooray!
Tomorrow is going to be a rough morning, but at least the house is tidied up and the lunches are packed. Today was a HOT day... in the high 70's with blazing sun. Everyone went sledding again (in T-shirt, mittens and ski helmets). Paul had the boys going down a really long run that ended, I kid you not, with a drop into a ravine. Most of the time they skidded to a stop before the water began, but not the last time. Ha! Paul was the most soaked, and the boys thought it was great, so no harm done. Boys are nuts! What a fantastic spring snowstorm!

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