Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Girl Day

Believe it or not, I came up with this idea on my own. Mae's been a bit annoying lately, constantly needing to be touching me, demanding equal attention if someone else gets any, that sort of thing. I decided that today (Sam has preschool on Thursdays) we'd have a girls day. We often spend Thursday baking or running errands, which is fun because it's just us, but this, I decided, would be special treats. Girl-style. First we got a coffee while we waited for the nail place to open (in reality, I had a tea because I'm sick and Mae had a hot cocoa). Then we had our nails painted. Mae picked my color (a deep reddish-purple that looked truly frightening to me in the bottle but is actually quite nice on) and her own BRIGHT red. She was SO cute. The Vietnamese lady oohed and aahed over her, and she did so well sitting still and letting her file her nails and everything. She LOVED it. Next we went to the bookstore for a while before going out to lunch. Now, this is the girl who eats sushi and Indian food like it's going out of style but she wanted to go to, of all places, Red Robin. And she wanted Macaroni & Cheese, which she eats at least 3 times per week! Oh well. We went and had a lovely lunch and then wrapped up the day by picking up Sam at school before nap time. Tonight at bedtime we talked about our next "Mommy and Mae Day" (probably next Thursday) and what we would do. I think this extra attention will go a long way towards soothing her insecurities when I compliment the boys. Let's hope!

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