Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chag Sameach, and Rosa's visit

Poor Rosa. First I forgot her at the airport (I thought she was arriving Monday night, not Sunday night! A happy surprise!) then she had to help me prepare for Pesach. We had such a great visit; the weather was amazing. My favorite day was Tuesday when we hiked the Mesa trail off of Chautauqua and had brunch at The Kitchen. We cooked up a host of goodies too. She also helped me bake our GF matzah. The best news of all is that Ted really likes it - hooray! We introduced her to the craziness that is a seder with five active children. Luckily there was plenty of wine, so she survived. It was a wonderful visit and I can't wait to visit her in June, if our 8th grade reunion really materializes. 
Here are some great pics of Ted and Sam at the seder (we went to Ted friend Annie's house). Mae stayed clothed in her original pretty dress but had a very good time nonetheless.

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