Saturday, April 18, 2009

what a week!

This week was very busy! It was Teacher Appreciation Week at Horizons and every day was filled with love and affection for the amazing teachers. It was really fun. Plus it was Passover. I sincerely enjoyed Matzah Brei every morning. Mmmm! On Wednesday I sang a yitzgor service at Temple Sinai and Heather babysat Sam and Mae, who had no school for Passover this week. She took some really sweet pics (I think Paul is going to update moeltini sometime soon, so check back!) I love this pic of Mae. When she's not screaming in fury, sobbing in despair or cracking up in hysterics, she's serious. VERY serious. She is getting more and more fun to be around, less and less prone to unexpected bouts of emotion, and simply growing up. I think 4 is going to be a great year, if 3.5 is any indication. 
Friday we had Family Movie Night again. We watched Jumanji. VERY scary for the kids but they enjoyed it. Sam pointed out that he isn't scared of anything on TV because it's not real. Good to know, Mr. Reality. Ted huddled next to me the entire time. No one had nightmares though, so that's good. There was a game at the end of the movie that Sam was reading to us. Yikes. Ted is coming along. I think I was hoping that we'd start tutoring and he'd say "Aha!" and be off. Instead, it is slow going, but he is improving and, happily, is still enthusiastic about the whole process. 
Today we played hooky from soccer (didn't want to deal with waking the kids up early) and the boys are happily playing a computer game. We have a 'no computer during the week' rule that nearly drove them to despair, but they survived. Wonder if we'll see them today? I think we have a parental obligation to throw them outdoors in what is probably our last snow of the year. I am tired of snow. 

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