Sunday, April 19, 2009

taking it up a notch

Everyone who knows me has probably figured out that I am a "fair-weather runner." If it's too cold, too wet, too muddy or too anything, I'll skip it. I was happy to find Jillian's 30 Day Shred a few months ago. Paul and I have been doing it on and off, especially when I hadn't done much of anything else that day. I started last week on a high, going on a fabulous "couldn't be better" long run followed by the Shred (Level 3 of course!). Tuesday I did a bike ride (to and from the J) with more Shred. I don't remember what happened on Wednesday and by Thursday I was in trouble. So I found another Jillian tucked away in the DVDs called "Banish Fat: Boost Metabolism." It's a 55 minute cardio routine that is really really really hard. And good. Really good. The type of workout that leaves you amazed at the muscles you didn't know you had. I did it again today, because I really wanted to run on the trails and they were too muddy. (I know! But I'm like that.) So now I have a really good hard workout to do when I wimp out of a good run. Hopefully this beautiful weather will stick around long enough for everything to dry up. Tomorrow I might try the trail with the baby cows. Surely they're old enough now for their moms to not charge us, right? Hmmm. 

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