Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring break update: 4 thumbs up!

We have had a lovely spring break so far. Besides the standard squabbling, the kids have played very nicely together and we've had some very fun family time in the process. Monday everyone slept in til after 8 (!). We made pancakes together and we all helped Ted create his thank you cards. Tuesday we discovered, a phonics computer game Tara told me about. It turns out Ted uses this program at school, so he understood it right away. He is doing so much better...sounding out everything he sees and really starting to understand that it's really just that easy: sound it out! We also played board games together, which was new for us (usually the kids play but I don't join in.)

Today was really fun. We made homemade no-cook playdoh. What fun. When Mae wakes up from her nap, we're off to the store for more Cream of Tartar and then we'll make up a pink batch for her. It's been soooo nice to not wake up to the alarm, to not make lunches every night, and to be HOME most of the day. We haven't hit a museum or zoo yet! We haven't needed to. I think all of us needed a little down time. A stay-cation at its finest. Ahhhh....

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