Tuesday, March 17, 2009

svelte by friday

I started a new diet on Sunday. Besides WW, I haven't ever dieted before (they always seemed so depressing!). I'm doing a program a friend of mine suggested. She does it every now and then when she wants to drop a few pounds quickly, kind of a kick-start to getting over holiday eating, or whatever. (Yes, mine would be the holiday of Ted's birthday = unlimited cake.) So, every 2-3 hours, there is a small meal. 3oz protein, 2c mixed veggie or greens, 1/2c rice 'n beans with Lunch and Dinner and twice a day I can have either a grapefruit or a cup of mixed berries. Mmm! No sugar, no salt, no oil. You can't HELP but lose weight on this, and what I like about it, while it's extreme, is that it's only 6-10 days and it's healthy. It's not like I'm only eating grapefruit or something. I feel very light and clean although I am a bit spacey and tired, probably from my lack of sugar! I love my sugar! If any of you want more details, drop me a line. It's working well (2 pounds in 3 days, so far). So far, I'm a fan! Plus I get to skip Jillian for a week. Only long slow walks this week. Oh yeah.

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