Monday, May 25, 2009

Bolder Boulder: Triple Edition

This was Ted's 1st year doing the Bolder Boulder and he enjoyed it for about the first 3 miles, then walked. He was cheerful though, and had LOTS of energy after the race, so we may look into feeding him more next year. He finished in 2:01:17.

Paul and I ran our hardest this year. Paul zipped in at 43:31, slower than last year by 35 seconds (!) but still pretty amazing, in my humble opinion. Then he ran about 3 miles back to Rob's house to collect Ted, and then ran-walked it again with him. He's a superstar. At least now he knows how a half marathon feels. Ouchy!

I had my best time ever this year. I came in at 1:00:39, for an overall pace of 9:47. I felt good the whole time, except perhaps Mile 4, when I considered making up a story about just doing it with Ted, so I could stop. But I powered through and felt fine by Mile 5. I'll eat more next year too. I tried to catch a glimpse of Ted and Paul (and Mr. Wenzlick from TKD! Thanks for running with Ted, Mr. W.!) but missed them at the 2K. I joined them just after the 5 Mile and we all ran in together. (click to see larger)

After collecting our goody bags, we went to the stadium to watch the elite runners coming in. That was really exciting. Then we had the skydivers (beautiful landings this year!), the gun salutes, the speech and finally the national anthem. And then ... a huge clap of thunder and a downpour. Keep in mind we were WAY up in the stadium. We huddled for a while til the crowds thinned and then made our way into the stadium where we hung out for a long time til the rain slowed to a light drizzle. Then we made our way to Broadway where Angel Rob picked us up, drove us to his house (he took care of Ted this morning) and gave us hot tea. Ahhh....

All in all, a fabulous run. A great day for it too, cool and cloudy. It was very kind of the rain to hold off as long as it did. But wow! We were soaked.

I came in 153rd out of 575 (in my division) which is in the top 27%. Woot! You were right Wendy. I CAN get better as I get older. Cool!!! Pics to come, when they are posted on the BB website.

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Nicole said...

The 2009 One Local Summer challenge begins on June 1. I hope you will join us again this year!