Sunday, May 24, 2009

so many updates, so little time

OK, let's update. Where to start? Bullets will work for this purpose, I think.
  • Singing: I'm singing in the HHS House Band for my friend Marcia, who just had a baby girl.
  • Also singing with Temple Sinai for Shavuot. I have to sing soprano this time - blah!
  • Ted: glasses, Vision Therapy & Tutoring are all going well. He is fine with all of it and it seems to be helping him a lot. His reading has improved noticeably since all of this. Not quite as much of an improvement as I was hoping, but he'll get there. And he looks so handsome!
  • Ted & D: after talking with the Asst. Principal and with D's mom, we have some plans for the boys. Since the boys talked with the Asst. Principal, there have been no more problems between them. Hooray!
  • Tri: I'm going to train for my 1st Triathlon. After watching Wendy do one last weekend, I was inspired. I may be terrible, but the training alone will be fantastic. It's a Sprint, so a 1/2 mile swim (in open water!), 12 mile bike & 5K run. I'll train with the Tri Babes, a Boulder group that does group workouts as well as sending the members 'what to do for the week.' I love that kind of stuff.
  • House: still not much news. The warranty company is officially annoying me now and I will get on them more aggressively next week. We are waiting on the bids so we can hire a repair company to GET STARTED ALREADY! Oy.
I think that's about it. Life has been very busy with TKD classes, swim classes, running, therapies, volunteering and end of the year planning (Sam's graduation!) Three more days of school left. Amazing.

Tomorrow Ted, Paul and I will run the Bolder Boulder. Paul is in the AB wave, I'm in EE and Ted is in PE. Paul will run with Ted and I will meet them at the end, unless I get to PE in enough time to join them; then we'll do it together, with Paul being my insurance that Ted will not get lost should he decide to run the whole way. Wish us luck!

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