Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gotcha Day Anniversary

We celebrated Mae's 3 year Gotcha Day anniversary on Friday night. We had Chinese take out and she picked a Madagascar cake. Ted's been sick so we couldn't have our traditional party with Wendy's crew. It's amazing that she has only been with us for 3 years. I suppose she isn't much more than 3 years old anyway, but it sure feels like she's been with us forEVER! Now that she is getting older and talking more and more about her beginnings, we are starting to talk about returning to China to visit. Ted wants to work in an orphanage for a summer ... I may have to look into whether programs like that exist. The other day Mae asked me why her skin was darker than mine and why we didn't look the same. I answer all her questions as honestly as I can and as 'easily' as I can, so she doesn't pick up any tension in the questions. I want her to always feel that she can ask me anything without it being "weird." So far, so good. Happy Gotcha Day, Mae!

Noodles in China, 2006 and Noodles at home, 2009. Some things never change.


Jennifer said...

Sooo sweet!

Beth and Shayna said...

I cannot believe it has been three years. Happy Day!

Casey said...

Happy Day to you all!!!! I can remember you all traveling like it was yesterday... It meant we were next! HAHA!!

I know what you mean by feeling like they have always been with us. I feel the same way.

We've also been talking of returning to China. David "might" be able to do a sabbatical there... we thought since he works with honeybees we might be able to head south near Em's orphanage where they work with Mandarin Oranges... It would be nice to a least visit once since we were unable to go while in China.

Hope you all are well! Casey