Monday, May 4, 2009


Ted has a mild cold. With all the Swine Flu hype, I kept him home today. We went to pick up his glasses this morning, ran some errands and had lunch with Wendy and Adam, all before picking up Sam, Mae & Ariel from preschool. Then home for Mae's nap. While I was putting Mae down for her nap, the boys called up to me that they were going on an adventure. "Have fun!" I replied, figuring they were going to the cul-de-sac, where they usually go. About 20 minutes later, I decided to run up and check and they weren't there. I had my neighbor stay at the house with Mae, had my other neighbor Karlie drive around and Ole and I jogged every street in our neighborhood. I called Safeway and Walgreens, to see if they had seen them. I was on my way back home to start driving around myself when I turned onto my street to see an ambulance and sheriff car at my house. Turns out they were having a picnic quite aways away, and a concerned mom flagged down a cop. Besides feeling like I definitely deserve the Mother of the Year Award now, if I didn't before, I also need to seriously reconsider the freedom I give them. I let them play out front alone, because I trust our neighborhood, know all our neighbors and can usually hear them. They have been told repeatedly not to cross streets alone, and have shown us that they understood that rule. Until today.  Thank GOD nothing happened to them. Now I'm going to have a glass of wine. 

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