Thursday, April 30, 2009

no glasses yet but...

Bummer. We went all the way to Niwot but they weren't ready yet. We'll pick them up Monday. However, we did manage to get Ted into Vision Therapy there starting this Wednesday! We'll do 10 sessions and then he'll have another eye exam to see if he can stop. Apparently, Vision Therapy is completely successful and he will train his eyes to track and focus properly. Cool! I set up a screening for Sam on Tuesday morning. Might as well check him out earlier rather than later.
Ted's been on "Conferences" break all week and it's been very nice. Relaxed, mellow, lots of Legos, lots of chatting. Very nice. Tomorrow I'm going to drag him with me to the trails so I can get a good run in (he'll bike, which might mean I'll be running harder that usual. Eek.) More about my new fitness craze in another post. He tests for his Brown Belt Decided stripe tomorrow night. He's had a great few weeks, very motivated, happy to go, happy to be there. It's been fun. Anyway, I know my mom was looking for a pic of Ted in his Harry Potter classes. Maybe on Monday.

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