Monday, April 27, 2009

One more piece of the puzzle that is Ted

Big news today! Ted needs glasses! Not for vision per-se, but because his eyes do not track correctly nor do they focus properly. The eye doctor recommends vision therapy and "training glasses." She also confirmed his "color deficiency," but said it is only genetic through the mother's father. Dad, do you have color issues? Paul certainly does, but I guess it's not coming from him anyway. I doubt that this will solve Ted's reading problems overnight, but it's going to make things SO much easier. He chose Harry Potter-esque frames in dark blue. He looks GORGEOUS (I'm only a little bit biased). We'll pick them up on Thursday. Ted can hardly wait. He is only to use them for "desk work" or computer, so not at recess, TKD, lunch etc. Hopefully this will decrease the chance of losing them (kids' glasses are not cheap!) I'll take a pic on Thursday of my handsome boy. His tutoring session on Friday should prove interesting.
At his conference on Friday, Elizabeth showed us how when SHE uses a pointer when he's reading, he does SO much better. It must have helped him track. Kids with tracking problems skip words or letters, switch their letters and can't remember long sight words, as well as experience eye fatigue. I have a gut feeling that there is more to it, but I am overjoyed that we can add another piece to the puzzle. Hooray!! And thanks to Nathalie for sharing her experience with her daughter ... if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have even thought of taking him to the eye doctor until he started squinting. Whew!

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