Saturday, May 30, 2009

Make new friends but keep the old...

...some are silver and the others gold. Ted has found some true golden friendships in his K/1 buddies. He, Kai, Pete and Omri share a love for each other that is truly special. With Pete off in Fort Collins, they don't see each other very often but when they do, they light up with joy. Today was Pete's 7th bday party and I drove the 3 boys out there for the adventure. They had a great time, although Ted had a short period of sadness when Pete's other new school friends arrived. He spent some time in Pete's room by himself, commenting to me that he really missed Pete. He got through it though (Kai and Pete came looking for him, which was really sweet) and they spent the rest of the party having a blast. Here is a pic of our four fast friends. I hope they continue to stay close, because friendships like these are rare and precious. We love you, Pete!

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