Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2 of Summer Break

Can you believe it is cold and rainy? Still? What an annoying start to summer vacation. Oh well. This week begins the Tri Babes training, and also my free month at Lakeshore. Because of the weather, it's very good timing! Monday morning I ran for 45 minutes on the treadmill (conveniently, our HHS House Band set is 45 minutes) and this morning had a half hour swim lesson and then spent another half hour on what I had just been taught. Interesting stuff, this swimming business. Tonight we had a strength training session, which was mostly talk and very little strength, but the coach showed us all how to do everything and she'll mail out the drill for us to do at home a few times a week. Nothing I didn't tackle with Jillian, so I'm good there, if in desperate need of improvement nonetheless. Tomorrow is a bike ride. So, while I'd love to go out on my new road bike with the peppy Tri Babes jersey, I'll probably just wake up early again and go over to Lakeshore. I thought I could do a 30 min swim workout (if I last that long...my legs and lungs are not used to it yet) followed by a 50 min spin on one of the stationary bikes. We'll see .. it was amazingly difficult to even walk when I got out of the pool today. I felt like jello. I wanted to sit in the hot tub for a treat but I was afraid then I'd really not be able to walk!

Yesterday the kids and I swam at the inside pool at Lakeshore and Ted had TKD. Today we swam at Paul Derda with Jack and Jason and then more TKD. Ted is ON FIRE lately with the TKD. He knows his entire form (46 moves) already (testing is on the 19th and he is usually still struggling right before) and is totally confident. He's like a new kid! It all started when he went to brown belt. My parents will be out for testing, so I hope they'll want to see him. It's pretty impressive to see such a little kid doing all that. He also has been reading up a storm. I think his confidence has shot way up lately. He's very in Dr. Seuss and read Cat in the Hat and the knock-off Ten Apples Up on Top today, all the way through. Tomorrow he starts a 10 day Reading Camp at Horizons with this teacher from K/1 and three other entering 3rd graders. He is the only entering 2nd grader in that group, so that's encouraging. It's only 2.5 hours long so it should be fun. Now, what to do with the other two in the rain! I had planned to bring bikes and play on the playground. Hmph. 

It's 9:30 and I am wiped. Off to bed. Happy Hump Day! (They're fun, but summer days are loooong!) 

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Wendy said...

FYI - I try really hard to not swim on consecutive days. You'll be swimming Thursday, 3 days in a row will not be fun :)