Tuesday, June 16, 2009

skills 'n drills

Tonight I chose to forgoe the open water swim at the rez with the group and attend an adult swim class at Lakeshore, called Skills 'n Drills. It was perfect for me. She works on a different stroke every week and today was backstroke. We did lots of drills and put it all together etc. It was a 45 minute class and then I swam on my own for another 15-20 to practice my freestyle. I'd never worn flippers before and they were awesome! What a difference! Can I wear flippers in the triathlon? Hmmm. It made the 25 meters easy. Rock on!
This morning I ran my 50 minutes with my new playlist I created last night. It made me smile. I have some Riverdance, some Pearl Jam, some Indigo Girls, some Peter, Paul & Mary, some Beatles....it's a fun mix. After Ted's camp we biked to the pool for a few hours and Ted had a major crash. Poor guy. I am very tired tonight! A good tired, though.
Tomorrow is spin class, with the teacher I really like. The pic is of the crazy hail storm we had Saturday night.

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