Monday, June 15, 2009


My blogger update link was broken yesterday. How weird. Every time I would click on it, it would show me a little box with the word "new" in it. Hmmm.

I didn't have all that much to say anyway. Sunday I did another spin class and really enjoyed it. While of course it's nicer to bike outside, I didn't feel brave enough to go alone. What if I couldn't get my chain back on or I had a flat? Not that I can't fix these things, but it would be a whole lot easier to do so with moral support. I love Christa, the spin teacher. So that was fun. After Thursday's killer track workout, I swam on Friday and ran on Saturday. I think the long, slow run really helped get the kinks out. By Sunday I was ready for the bike and while I took today off, I feel fine again. I am already stressing about the open water swim tomorrow and the track workout on Thursday. Tomorrow I plan to run in the morning and am trying to sync my iPod to transfer the new playlist I created, but it's really having a hard time. It wants my total attention; when I go to another application, like Firefox, it stalls. Geesh!

This is an exciting week. Ted tests on Friday; my parents arrive on Thursday and Sunday morning is the sprint tri (not mine, but I will go cheer them on at 7am). I hope I can stick with the schedule this week (it's pretty mild) and not wimp out of Tuesday or Thursday's workouts. Now if it would just stop raining already, we could get on with the business of summer!

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