Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rain, rain, rain!

Friday was a perfect summer day! We went to the pool at Lakeshore and all the kids had a blast. We all biked there (huge milestone! Mae is doing great on the tiny 2 wheeler and Sam is finally confident enough on the 16" to do it.) Mae is really swimming up a storm this summer (finally! hooray!) and the biggest issue is that she likes to go deep enough and that I *should* be with her in the water. We had lunch and came home for naps and the now-daily thunderstorm came crashing down. We had planned to go back and swim, but .... well, we couldn't. I went to my friend Lisa's bat mitzvah in Denver that night which was inspiring. I really should do that. Hmmm. Maybe when Mae is in 1st grade I'll have more time.
This morning I had a beautiful 9 mile run. Very muddy but cool, slightly drizzly, and perfect for a run. Then I had my bike fit, which was cut short because I need a shorter stem. They're ordering it and we'll finish up when it comes in. That's why my hand was falling asleep. So tomorrow I'll ride up higher on the handlebars, to compensate. Tonight the kids have Ninja Nite (we're bringing Despereaux, very cute but slightly different from the book!) and we're going to see Star Trek and maybe even have a bite to eat. Paul steam cleaned today so the house is squeaky clean. If we could just get Orestes to stop peeing on everything, it would be fantastic.
We have the Pre-Construction Walk-Through on Monday morning, so hopefully we can get moving on this house business!!!
Happy summer everyone!

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