Friday, June 5, 2009


Our first week of Summer Vacation has come to a close. We have 2 more weeks of this same schedule (Ted in reading camp, Sam & Mae with me) and so far, so good. Noisy, but good. This morning I ran for the first time since Monday! I'd been running almost daily and I've missed it! It felt great and I get to do a long run on Sunday that I'm already looking forward to. After my run, the kiddos and I met Alex, Adam & Ariel at our park for a few hours, then went on to the neighborhood pool til about 3pm. Sam must have gone down the slide at least 100 times. RMDC was there, which made Ted very eager for his session. Now that Ted has so little body fat, I noticed that he got cold much quicker and took more frequent swim breaks to warm up than before. My poor skinny kid! Mae was a FISH and had a perfectly delightful time. She had her best day today, for sure. 
Tomorrow is chavurah up at the cabin which I have to miss because I have rehearsal for the House Band (we perform tomorrow at the Boulder Jewish Festival at 4pm!) I have my first official bike ride (and perhaps short run ... technically it's a brick workout, but Wendy assured me that I can start with just the bike, so I'll see how I feel). Another girl and I are going to bike from Costco to Eldorado Springs, about 14 miles round trip (we'll just let the crazy ones do their ride up the canyon. Good on you!) I am excited! Hope I don't crash or get a flat. My job for the weekend is to brush up on how to change a flat. Yikes! 
Following the Dr. Seuss phase Ted is in, I got him the book Marvin K. Mooney will you please go now! from the library and he read it a bunch of times today. Out loud. With dramatic inflection. Very cute. He also read Miss Bindergarten Has a Wild Day in Kindergarten to Sam. Even cuter. 
The boys are making a book. Sam paints ("I'm the illustrator" he says seriously) and Ted writes the text. Most of the pages of the book (they're up to about 10 pages) deal with houses burning down, falling into lava, or getting otherwise demolished. And then, "Ted and Sam move to a new house." They are thinking alot about that, I think. I love when they work on things together. During the school year Sam and Mae got very close because they were together so much, and I think Ted felt a little left out. It's nice that he and Sam are having so much time together. Hooray for the weekend! 


Wendy said...

Have a nice ride! I think it's only 12 miles from Costco. Did you get a pump for your bike?

Julie said...

Have a nice ride!

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