Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hard day

I'm starting to actually enjoy swimming. I was the fastest swimmer in the slow lane at our swim practice this morning. Seriously, I am NOT fast, so these other two were S-L-O-W, but that's ok! Made me feel good. I got some good tips on the pull part of my stroke. It was nice to feel my lungs getting comfortable rather than gasping for air the whole time, so I think I'm getting stronger. 
The first lane is next to the window. For some reason, the way the light was coming in and reflecting on the pool water gave me a killer migraine. I got home and took Excedrin and ate breakfast. Then we took Ted to camp and I threw it all up (in the bathroom! I made it!) From then on it was the nausea/headache battle. We hung out at 29th street, went up and down the escalator a zillion times, played with the water earth ball and read books at Borders. We got Ted and went to Jack's house for a quick playdate/Pokemon trade before coming home for naps. That felt really good, to just lie down. Then all three kiddos had swimming with Swim America. Mae was in Level 3 and Sam in 4 (Ted is in 7, which from what I can tell is mostly butterfly and flip turns). Sam was completely fine - he's done the side crawl thingee with Judy so he was fine. His arms looked so good too, nice and long and strong. Mae was a little shell shocked and but fine. She wouldn't yell "Help!" at the end, when they do a safety drill (float on your back and call for help.) When I asked her why she wouldn't do it she said, "Why do I need to call for help? I'll just swim to the side." Heh. I didn't realize Ted's level was 45 minutes, so I took the other 2 outside where they played for another hour in the freezing outside pool. Ted came out when he was done and collapsed on a chair. "I'm so tired," he said. 45 minutes of butterfly would exhaust anyone, and he was the only one today, so it was one on one. Phew! Got home, had a little bit of playtime and then bed. I still feel mildly oogey and hope tomorrow will be better. I haven't run since Monday (I was planning to run today at noon) so I'll run tomorrow morning. I am uncertain if I'll join the group on Saturday morning. They are biking up to Ward on Lefthand Canyon. My car has a hard time going up that steep of an incline. I'll probably just bike around Interlocken. It's so pretty and the hills are rolling rather than just UP. 
I may feel terrible today, but I am very encouraged by the swimming. I will try to swim almost every day to build my lungs. My legs seem to be doing ok with it all and my shoulder is tolerating it. 

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