Thursday, August 20, 2009

2nd Grade

The pic is a bit blurry, but I LOVE the expressions of anticipation/joy/excitement on Kai and Ted's faces as they sit in the meeting area on their first day of 2/3. He came home with a fantastic letter from the 2/3 team. They are going to study Ancient Egypt in history and Earth Sciences in science. Also Spanish, math, spelling, reader's and writer's workshop as well as A&S electives. A full but fun curriculum. We had our traditional 1st Day of School ice cream (with Dakota, Kai and Aiden's families.) They really get serious about homework this year, which is cute. They get all their homework for the week on Monday and it's due on Friday. The kids are to complete the work ON THEIR OWN (thank God!) and shouldn't need help, but "being present" for them during homework time is encouraged. They have school planners and on Monday morning, they plan their week and what the homework will be. It sounds like they are really focusing on getting the kids responsible for their work, which is awesome!

We spent our last week of summer going to Water World one last time (no lines!), helping set up Ted's classroom and having Sam's K assessment, and trying to squeeze every last drop of summer out ... I think we succeeded. Everyone is happy and ready to be back at school (Mae's Meet 'N Greet is tomorrow and Sam starts K on Monday) and I am ready for my tri on Sunday! Ahhhh!!!

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