Saturday, August 15, 2009

A fun, but quick, week!

This week flew by and I cannot believe that it was our last full week of summer. Ted starts 2nd grade next Thursday; Sam and Mae start (K & Pre-K) the following Monday. We tried to squeeze in as much summer fun as we could this past week, and the work on the basement has gotten more and more noisy, so we were out and about as much as possible. We went to Boondocks (all 3 kids LOVED Laser Tag. Truly scary!), Lakeside, saw "G-Force" and spent lots of time outside just soaking in the sun. We did a quick nature hike this afternoon, inspired by Michael's Back to School sale on supplies (new markers! fresh paper! buttons!!) It's been a lovely week, but I do think we are all ready for more structure in our lives. My triathlon is next Sunday! Ah!

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