Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catch Up

It has been a whirlwind of a week - bullet time!
  • The weekend was great! Flew out Friday, had a restful night with Rosa & Bernhard, worked out on Saturday (B took the 1.5hr spin class with me!), ate at a wonderful cafe & gelato place (twice! love gelato!) and then we all took a delicious nap.
  • The reunion was SO MUCH FUN. It was fabulous to see everyone, and SO FUNNY to read all about our "predictions," what we said, what our hobbies were etc. A seriously fantastic time. Can't wait to do it again!!!!
  • Monday was back to the grind. Paul had jury duty and it ended up being an important medical marijana case that made front page news in Boulder every morning. He couldn't talk about it til it was over (today) but it made for a tense week!
  • Tuesday I successfully swam the Rez for the 2nd time. I am so psyched. I am having some serious rotater cuff pain, but hopefully I can get through the tri and then do some PT off season. Whew!
  • Wednesday was Mae's 4th birthday. We went to Build-A-Bear, where she picked a pink bear (of course) and named it Sam. Hee! I can't believe she is 4 already!!! I also had my first rehearsal for High Holy Days at Temple Sinai. Good music. Annoying commute.
  • Today, Thursday, the kids and I had swim lessons and took Ole to the dog park to swim. This was a nice day, mellow and not too much fighting. We also picked up Ted's race packet for his triathlon on Saturday. He is very excited for that!
Now I'm hearing all the details of the case (poor Paul - he didn't get any sleep worrying about it. And I had no idea he was on such a major case!) and catching up with everything. Tomorrow - errands, tidying and grocery shopping!! (And Horton Hears a Who at RMTK! My voice student is Horton!)

Top pic: the group, about 2/3 of the class.
Middle pic: me, Yasmin & Rosa - the 3 Muskateers!
Bottom pic: Brian and me. One of my hobbies, apparently, was "bothering Brian." He and Rosa dated in 8th grade, so I think it was my official duty as her best friend. SO FUNNY!

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