Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4 Years Old

It is official - Mae is 4! We had a great day. She opened her presents on our bed (what a thrill! being allowed on the bed!), had McD's for breakfast, went to Build-A-Bear to make her very first bear, had Noodles for an early dinner/late lunch AND had cupcakes. She was a little testy all day, but isn't that the norm for the bday child? Her party is on Sunday and we are all excited. All her little friends from preschool are coming, as well as the family friends who can make it. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! You are such a big girl!

(Another post will follow in a few days with video of her riding her big 2-wheeler. I just can't seem to remember the video camera!!)

*Update* At her 4 yr well check, Mae was 41 inches tall (75%) and 36 pounds (50%). She is strong and healthy and perfect.


epin said...

Happy birthday, Mae! Four years old already? Wow, time flies.

Julie said...

Happy birthday, Mae!

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