Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling tired

Well, it had to come eventually. This week, I am not particularly motivated to train. Monday I did a 12 mile bike ride, nice and easy. This morning I ran and tonight I did my swim class. Tomorrow I'll do my 6am spin class. And Thursday morning I'll swim with the group (hopefully at the Rez) and run in the afternoon. Friday I plan to do the 5:30am spin class before heading to Chicago for the weekend - where Rosa and I plan to visit her health club on Saturday. And I'm just not all that psyched about any of it. All I want to do is sleep. Sleep late, nap, doze, go to bed early ... being horizontal is the key. And it's not that I'm particularly tired, btw, just lazy. Interesting. Someone said that it's 20% training and 80% mental, this training/racing thing (not that I'm in it for the racing anyway, so it's mostly just the training part - getting through it.) On good mental days I am PUMPED that I am doing this (and thanking Wendy every day for introducing the concept to me!) but on lesser days, I'm tired before I start, mentally, and have to really kick myself HARD to do the workout. I guess this is normal, but it sure is annoying. I much prefer remaining pumped at all times. Ah well. *yawn*


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my mental life! I feel like that on an almost daily basis! I am always so impressed by your psyched attitude toward your life while I am usually in a "need to kick start" mode...

Anonymous said...

I feel like that on an almost daily basis!

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