Sunday, July 26, 2009

home safe

My boys are back! Everyone had a BLAST camping. No one remembered syrup or flashlights and the camera battery died after one picture, but everyone was filthy, tired and happy when they returned today. I'm so glad they weren't snowed or rained out this time! Here's the one pic - Sam digging for dinosaur bones.

This morning we went to Lakeshore and I ran the Bolder Boulder ... on the treadmill. B-O-R-I-N-G! Luckily I had my music with me. The course was very good - it knew all the hills and everything. I do NOT like running on a treadmill but it was better than nothing. Mae played happily with Elise (our neighbor) at daycare. Then we took Ole back to the dog park where he played even more enthusiastically than yesterday. Mae OFFICIALLY is off training wheels - she rocked today. I will try and get some video tomorrow. She played in the little water park too. I took a nap (ahhhh...) while she watched (the very same) Kipper and then we did a quick grocery store trip for the week and came home to chill before the boys got home. It's great to have them home. Next week: the last week of summer camp for all three! And my 8th grade reunion over the weekend, so a short week for me. Fun!

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