Saturday, July 25, 2009

a good saturday

The boys are safely camping and Mae and I had a great day today. Heather arrived at 6am so I could drive to Denver to do my brick with Sylvie. We biked 21 miles and ran for 30 minutes. I am abnormally sore afterwards (I haven't had any soreness after bricks) but she was going at a pretty good clip on the run, so that may have been it. It was cool and gorgeous this morning. I came home and walked Ole since Heather and Mae were not at home. They returned and I put Kipper on for Mae while I took a nap. She was especially kind and let me sleep for 1.5 hours. After Kipper, she got herself a cheesestick, some goldfish crackers and a fruit leather and got her water bottle out of her backpack. Then she colored up a storm in her My Little Pony coloring book. It was a delicious, lazy nap. Then I did some much needed cleaning (I had lost the kitchen entirely but I found it again - whew!) while Mae played with the hose in the backyard. She washed her dishes, gave the dump trucks car washes and watered the garden and trees. She had a BLAST out there. Then we took Ole to the dog park in Louisville (he swam a ton - loved having the ball tossed out into the water) and then Mae played in the little water park area in the kid park. When it started thundering, we took off for home. We watched the Mae & Ellen in China 50 minute video that we unearthed in the basement last week. It is soooo precious. MAN she was adorable as a baby! Cutie pie. She was yawning by 5:30 so I put her to bed at 6 and she was OUT in 5 minutes. I finished up the last of the decluttering and tidying and plugged in to the laptop. Ahhh.
In the morning we'll head over to Lakeshore so I can do my long run and then we plan to return to the dog/kid park. This time I'll bring my camera!

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