Friday, July 24, 2009


The boys are off to Veedavoo (sp?) to camp with friends while Mae and I hold down the fort here. I had planned to go on this one with them (it is car camping, after all) but after a week on vacation, I am still feeling behind on my training. After we saw the boys off, Mae and I went to Lakeshore where she happily (!) went to daycare while I swam (1000 meters, but I had to rest almost every 50. I know my coach would tell me NOT to rest. Oy.) Then we had dinner at Noodles (where else?!), DQ and a quick romp in the dinos (that girl can climb! what a monkey.) She, of course, put up a major fit about going to bed, but passed out in 5 minutes .. ahhh. I went through the boys' room eliminating paper clutter and books we don't read. Tomorrow I'll attack Mae's room and the linen closet. I found some of Mae's bday presents today - she is going to love the doll crib. I can't believe she's almost 4. I mean, in some ways I can't believe she's NOT already 4 since she acts so mature, but the Pre-K piece is still a shock to me. This is her last year of preschool ... I guess it goes by more quickly when it only takes 2.5 years (she started Caterpillars in January.) Nuts!
Tomorrow my sitter comes at 6am so I can do a brick with Sylvie. I think we'll do some cleaning in the afternoon and maybe dinner at the pool tomorrow night. The basement is being worked on so I'm very encouraged by the forward motion! Hopefully we can list the house as soon as it's finished. Happy weekend, all!
Mom, this pic is actually from China in '06. Happy memories of that day, our first tour day.

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