Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My bloodwork came back with a ferritin level of 18 and low Vitamin D, so this morning I had an iron IV and picked up some supplements. It wasn't that fun and I am soooo groggy from the Benedryl they gave me, but all in all, a quick and easy way to get the iron (it would take up to a year of serious supplementation to get the same amount as from one IV.) *yawn* There is track practice tonight but I am going to my swim class. I've decided that I need to devote 3-4 days per week to my swimming or it's going to be a problem. Time is running out and I need to get the mileage in SOON!
I also had a Vitamin B-12 shot last week, since I was in the throes of my cold. It worked like a charm! Less than 12 hours later and I felt great. I think I'm hooked! I'm also going to bump Ted's VitB and see if he can kick the sniffles he's acquired.

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