Saturday, July 18, 2009

one week back and getting into the swing again

Our vacation was fantastic. Although we missed our flight out and had to return the next day, it was an easy flight and a fun 2 days in Cinci. Then we all drove out to Indiana to spend the week at Patoka Lake. We hung out on the party barge, were treated to delicious dinners, and had smores almost every night. The kids got to fish, swim, game with their cousins and spend time with their aunts and uncles. I had a minor breakthrough with swimming. On day 2 on the boat, we came to a nice swimming spot that had an island about 400 meters away, or so. So I swam there and back 3 times, nice and easy, focusing on keeping my legs straight and being mellow. It was really good for me. I also got some good runs in, but no biking. So, once home, I jumped in full force and have been doing double workouts most days. These means that I am wiped at night, but I'm hoping to up my iron intake and improve my energy. Today Sylvie and I did a brick in her neck of the woods, up to Golden and back from Denver. It was lovely, and it stayed nice and cool for us. The run went well too. Thursday's swim at the Rez was disappointing. I had hoped to do the full 1000 meters, as slowly as it took, but I got some ear pain after the 1st bouey and only made it to the 2nd before turning around. I still got about 600 meters in, but it was a bummer. Tomorrow is the long run (I'm going to do a 7mile run I used to do with the marathon group - haven't run it in years so I'm looking forward to it) and I plan to get in some pool time in the afternoon to try to crank out 1000 meters to PROVE to myself that I can do it! Tuesday's track workout was INTENSE. It was about 95 degrees and we were doing 1200s. Oy! I felt like puking the entire time, but I did it and that's what matters I suppose. I do think the track workouts are helping me run a touch faster than my normal slog, so that's good. All in all, an intense week (Wednesday and Friday I biked on my own) but a very motivating one. It was nice to have that break; it refreshed me enough to give me a breath of fresh air.
We took some pics (on moeltini) from our vacation, but we mostly just enjoyed each other and forgot to even get the camera out.
Today we spent the day emptying the basement into the garage. We thought it would be a two day ordeal, but it took just under four hours and we have a lot less stuff than I thought we did - always a pleasant surprise! They start on the foundation tomorrow, so it's the hot laundromat for me til this is over. Oy!

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