Sunday, August 30, 2009

CF Ride

Wow, this week has vanished too! It was everyone's first full week of school. Ted is loving it - so enthusiastic and WAY excited for Outdoor Ed week (the 2/3 class will go to Keystone Science School for 2 nights/3 days, coming up in 2 weeks!). Sam LOVES Kindergarten and thinks it's too short and that Fridays are boring. I think he'd love enrichment, but we're keeping it at half day for this semester. He is REALLY into drawing lately and has become very prolific. Our fridge is well decorated! Mae requested to go to school every day but not do enrichment, so we switched that up for her. I think she really enjoys the Tue/Thu class because she's with her little girlfriends. On MWF she's in a class with kiddos she knows, but that aren't her "group." (This may be on purpose, but it's still a bummer.) This way, she'll be with her peeps twice a week and making new friends the other 3 days. Plus, they DO keep the doors between the classrooms open most of the time and they do play outside half the day.
I am looking forward to a good week ahead. Last week was my recoup week from the tri and it was a pleasure to chill out. I had a lovely long run on Tuesday (prepping for the 1/2 marathon on 9/20) and a great ride up Left Hand Canyon on Thursday with Wendy (not all the way to Jamestown - we turned around at Buckingham Park, but I'm going to try to go a bit further this week.) That was good prep for Saturday, which was the 29 mile CF Ride. Similar to the Walk, this is a big fundraiser for CF and it's the first year I've been able to participate. Biking was so foreign to me that I couldn't imagine doing such a thing in years past. This was a beautiful ride, full of amazing scenery, great aid stations and a gorgeous day to boot. A GREAT experience. Then this morning during Sunday School (Sam's 1st day of Sunday School!) I did an 80 minute run. I was tired but it felt fine and comfortable. Next week is 100 minutes. I'm really enjoying running longer - I've missed it!
Tuesday begins the TriBabes membership (elite athlete status - ha ha!) at Flatirons Athletic Club, so I'm going to investigate their spin classes, pre-masters swim classes and perhaps even some yoga. I'm excited.
The house is clean, groceries are in the fridge, dinners are planned for the week and lunches are made for tomorrow. I plan to do laundry tomorrow (they should be finished with the basement SOON, they say. I miss my washer/dryer). Can't ask for a better start to a fresh week.

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Lee Ann Laune said...

Hello, my name is Lee Ann Laune and I just brought my daughter home from China in July. She is also from the Huaihua City SWI. I am on the yahoo group as well. I was looking at your video of gotcha day with Mae. The lady that gave you Mae is the same lady that gave us our Hope. Do you know who she is or what she does for the orphanage. My care package never made it to her orphanage prior to us going over to her so therefore, we have no pics of our girl in her orphanage or anything from her past. She is almost five years old and is deaf. I am finding myself being so curious now....after the fact and I didn't even really talk with the caregivers much. I only asked them caregiving questions and not so much about our daughter's life. Any information you may have about the orphanage or the caregivers you met would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks so much!!!