Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another week flies by...

I'm afraid that there is just not enough time to post these days. It could be the cooler weather, encouraging us all to gather at home in the evenings. We've been eating lots of delicious home cooked meals, playing lots of games, doing LOTS of art and some knitting, and some baking thrown in for good measure. We've taken this first week of Fall (or rather, Winter!) weather and enjoyed it for all it's worth. Here are the highlights.
  • Monday Ted got his final stripe at TKD for a grand total of 6. On Friday he will test for his 1st Degree Black Belt Recommended belt, which is a black belt with a red stripe at the top. From now on, he will be referred to as "Mr. Moeller" since he will technically be a black belt, though not a Decided one yet. VERY exciting. He has a Tournament in Denver the next morning, his last as a color belt. Crazy!
  • Tuesday I had my swim class and it was much more mellow. I may have to resort to training on my own. I am not getting the distance that I want/need right now. It is good for my form though, so I may stick it out. I also started in on Sam's scarf!
  • Wednesday I went to the 9am spin class because it was 19 degrees and snowing. It was LAME. I'm afraid I may have to get up for the 6am, or pray for better weather, because I use spin classes for HARD workouts, not a gab fest. Oy! That afternoon Sam took a turn for the worse, with a 103 fever.
  • Thursday I had my first official substitute teacher gig at Horizons. It will be nice to have the extra money and the kids at this school are so great that it's fun to be around them. That night I skipped my swim class, Ted skipped his soccer practice, we hurried to the CSA to gather our food and hurried back home to roast, bake, steam and relax by the fire. Sam and Mae stayed home with Paul because Sam was still recovering.
  • Friday Sam and I had a pleasant morning baking and watching old family movies. After picking up Ted and Mae, we had a mellow evening doing LOTS of art and then watching Paul play soccer. I am a terrible photographer, especially without the aid of a tripod for the no-flash segments. Oh well. It was fun and really spurred Ted on in his enthusiasm for the sport.
  • Saturday we did our seasonal furniture rotation to better suit the chilly temperatures. I love the cozy family room and enjoyed watching the Kona Ironman while finishing up Sam's scarf last night. I had put the younger ones to bed early while Paul took Ted to Ted's double-header soccer game.
  • We are officially finished with the Star Trek series. We started watching (the original) BEFORE Mae was a part of our family. 4 years later and we are actually through. We're not sure what we're going to start in on next - suggestions are welcome. It's nice to have a short something to watch to relax at night. *sniff*
  • Sunday everyone but me moved the basement "stuff" from the garage back to the basement, so we can now park the car in there. Hooray! I had coffee with Dawn, a soprano I sing with at the temple. It was a lovely morning, a restful afternoon, and a cozy evening with a delicious crock pot dinner, nicknamed "A Taste of Autumn." Mmm. Now to get these crazies in bed!

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